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I have just returned from a really exciting weekend in Lisbon, Portugal. For a start it’s a beautiful city and I wished that I had more time to explore it – I’m definitely planning to go back. But even more important was the reason for going – the first EU conference being held by the  company   that  is supporting me in the development of my new business.

What was so special about it? Many things, starting with the hospitality of our Portuguese hosts. Then there was the interesting and historic venue in the bull ring at Campo Pequeno. Most of all, though, it was the quality of the sessions that we had and the speakers who delivered them. I have been to lots of “motivational”  company  meetings, in both the corporate and the direct sales worlds. The objective is to get you fired up and raring to go but when the excitement has worn off was there really any substance to help you (and thus the  company ) to be successful?. Yes I was now eager but had no idea what I was supposed to be doing and so, once back at my desk, nothing had changed. It didn’t matter how much money had been spent or which of the latest techniques had been deployed by the expensive marketing experts who had organized it. In my experience (and that of most of my colleagues) it was wasted investment and…….often at a time when the  company  concerned could least afford it!

So why was this event so very different? I already knew that I was working with a  company   that  was financially sound, well managed and successful and, of greatest importance to me, operated in a highly principled and ethical way in line with my own core values. I had never expected to find business success and integrity in one  company . My corporate experience had led me to believe  that   company  and individual success was only possible if one was prepared to ignore one’s own values. So the conference I attended reflected this and reinforced my view that I had found the right vehicle to help me achieve my objective of financial freedom while helping others to achieve the same.

What I got from this weekend was lots of help in how to achieve my goal. Firstly, the mechanics of doing the business but this again just reinforced what I already knew. Secondly (and of much greater value) the work that I had to do on ME in order to be successfully – both the what and the how. The need to focus on all areas of my life (Physical. Emotional, Spiritual and Intellectual) and to do some work on each daily. The fact that I needed Belief – in the industry, the  company  and, above all, myself and an understanding that the first two are a lot easier than the third. The fact that the hours devoted to my business must be quality hours and the way to achieve this is by devoting some of them to whatever personal development is necessary (learning and using the business skills and developing my self esteem). But when the president and co-founder of the  company  tells you that he believes in you more than you believe in yourself and then the founder and CEO tells you that its culture is based on relationships and he is looking for leaders to inspire others to do and be better than they ever thought possible. And then looks you in the eye and asks if you are prepared to be such a leader and help him to grow the  company  to become the huge success it is destined to be. Wow!! This is really powerful and life changing stuff.

I know now that I can succeed. I know how I am going to be spending the next few years of my life and what I should be doing. I know that it is what I will become during those years that is as important as the financial rewards I will gain. To use (probably now old!) “management speak” at long last I am truly empowered.

Judith Hanson

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