Tease and Denial Tips – 3 Ways to Drive Your Man Crazy

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Tease and denial is, without doubt, an essential ingredient for any serious AND satisfying male chastity lifestyle. But what is…

Tease and Denial

And why is it so important?

To answer this, it’s important for us to understand some essential principles of male chastity — fundamentally, we need to know what it is, and what it is not. What it’s not, for most men at least, is the fantasy of simply being locked up in a male chastity device and ignored.

That’s what some men want, to be sure, but the majority don’t. And this is good news for their wives and girlfriends who at first blush think their man is asking for celibacy rather than chastity.

So, now we understand this we can perhaps begin to see what tease and denial is all about — taking your man to the very edge of orgasm… and then refusing point blank to let him cross that all important line. See, male chastity is about having MORE sexual contact, not less.

Now, many women feel a sudden surge or fear and apprehension when they imagine dong this, because most of us have had the experience at one time or another in our lives of being referred to as a ‘prick tease’. But understand — this is NOT the same thing. This is something your man wants, and he really, really does mean it (believe it or not, many, many men have had this fantasy for most of their adult lives).

The other concern is, “if he’s being denied… how do I get mine?”

Well, that’s easy, too. And here are three ways to treat your man to some serious tease and denial while being thoroughly satisfied yourself:

  1. Make him treat you to long and slow oral sex. Yes, obvious to most of us, but to many men and women it’s new (amazing, I know). The problem is usually technique — in that men don’t have any! They simply lap away like dogs… and it’s BORING. So, instead, write the lyrics to your favourite song out with your tongue while you’re pleasuring her. I guarantee you’ll drive her wild with pleasure.
  2. Lock him in a chastity device and use a strap-on or a proper sheath (not a condom – I mean a penis-like extension that fits over his own real one) and have him make love to you. He won’t feel anything but he’ll be ready to explode as he sees the incredible time he’s giving YOU.
  3. Unlock him and use his penis like a vibrator but without letting him inside you. You’ll have to be careful with this one not to let him enter you or orgasm by accident, but i can tell you from experience, this ROCKS. My husband, John is undergoing a full year of orgasm denial, and I use him like this frequently. I love to hear him moaning and complaining and begging to come (and he really does love it).

So, there you are. Any fears you have about male chastity being boring and dull really are unfounded.

If you’re serious about discovering the secrets to strict tease and denial, without the hype and nonsense you’re tired of reading on the blogs and forums, then it makes sense to get the real truth from a genuine couple living this lifestyle 24/7, doesn’t it?

Source by Sarah Jameson



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